There are other reasons to work out that go way beyond just trimming belly fat and looking great.

Watching the nightly news is a constant reminder of the unexpected circumstances that people face every day: attackers with bad intentions, falls, accidents and natural disasters can mean life or death.Readiness for life requires a balanced body and balanced athleticism. This is a working body philosophy for all fitness levels. Man or woman, young or old, beginner or advanced, DOES YOUR BODY WORK?

The majority of people will retire with a body in which they have not invested. The Nine Rudiments are your physical equivalent to a thorough financial strategy. Train more often in areas of weakness in order to improve fitness, usefulness, and survival potential.

Slow the effects of aging on your body and unlock athletic potential by revamping your philosophy on fitness, health and life! Join Jay MasterFitness Gee as he takes you through the importance of using The Nine Rudiments as the cornerstone for your fitness plan.

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