Veteran, Fitness Guru, Minimalist-Prepper, & Survivalist: Jay MasterFitness Gee

Welcome to our blog.  I am writing to introduce myself so that you know what to expect from me in the future. If I were to sum up my personality it would be "prepared with no gimmicks." I believe the first level of preparedness starts with fitness. Not gym fitness though; I like real life, convertible strength combined with endurance and versatility. To me, muscles are no good unless you can use them.  I could care less how you look when you are on a stage flexing in speedos, slightly oiled. My only concern is how well your body works. Imagination, technique, knowledge, and practice can make you incredible at anything if you put in the work. I want my body strong enough to carry injured loved ones. Capable to swim to safety. Rugged enough to spend weeks hiking and camping. Quick and explosive enough to fight, sprint, and jump. It's about survival for me.

Sure I have friends who go out for dinner and drinks, but that isn't my thing.  When I embraced that truth about myself, I blossomed as a person. I want to spend my whole life honing skills. Nothing is more fun to me. So chances are if you aren't into that, you won't see me. And when I say honing skills, I mean all of them. I'm an Army veteran and a glutton for security skills: home invasion, personal protection, martial arts, firearms, nunchucks, knives, and sticks ... I love them all. Being involved in martial arts from a young age taught me to respect my opponent. If you truly respect your opponent then you are always trying to better yourself. The Infantry taught me to respect firearms. And that shooting at a stationary paper target is hardly training at all.  I'm not into unrealistic training, because it doesn't help in real scenarios. I strive to keep it real.

I'm a fitness consultant who uses a unique approach to total body conditioning. I will provide examples of exercises I practice and why I use them. I will give personal protection tips. I will share various survival skills I've acquired through military training. I will give my preparedness tips in hope that you will catch on and consider them for yourself, because I love to be ready. But most of all I will share my outdoor experiences in an organic way. Because I love to B.Out.

In 1996 I left the city of Chicago to serve my county as a member of the U.S. Army.

While in the Army I qualified as Expert Infantry, was an Airbourne paratrooper, and also Air Assault qualified.

After exiting the military I became enthralled with additional aspects of fitness and obtained certification in Pilates and Aqua Aerobics. I began teaching both at my local gym and privately.  

This diverse fitness background that includes Pilates, Running, Strength Training, Self-Defense, and Swimming laid the cross-training groundwork that eventually became "The Nine Rudiments" that I now actively practice with my clients in my new home of Atlanta, Georgia.

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