The 2017 Solar Eclipse

We love the outdoors. We are into prepping, survival, camping, hiking, rafting and overall beauty of nature.  

I personally have a bucket list of a half dozen things I still want to see before I die.  The Northern lights and the Redwood Forest are a couple of the events on my list.  But I'm most excited for my next adventure!  

North America is in for a major treat on August 21st, 2017

Starting on the western seaboard, the shadow of the Moon will begin sweeping across the continent and will block out at least a portion of the Sun for all North Americans. 

Along this swath of totality, we will have the opportunity to see the Sun completely blocked for up to 2 minutes and 42 seconds - a total solar eclipse.

I will be avoiding the massive influx of people flooding into the totality zone.  Well, maybe not avoiding them altogether because I'm sure the highway will be much busier than normal.  But instead of staying in a hotel I'm going to camp in the forest for the night, then raft some serious rapids down the river the next morning, and then stop for lunch to see the eclipse that hasn't happened in the U.S. for 38 years!  We will be in perfect line with the moon and stars...The day will turn to night, and the experience will last with me a lifetime.  I will come back to this blog and attach photos and videos within a couple days following the eclipse.  If you aren't able to view it, you can live vicariously through me! :)

Here are a few facts on the 2017 eclipse:

  • Nashville, TN is the largest city in the path of totality 
  • Eclipse begins in Oregon at 9:06 AM PDT
  • Eclipse ends in South Carolina 4:06 PM EST
  • Last total solar eclipse in the U.S. February 26th 1979
  • Next total solar eclipse in the U.S. April 8th 2024
As many as 100 million people may watch the total eclipse on 8/21.

"Twelve million people across the U.S. will awaken that morning in the path of totality, and aside from a 1999 eclipse that went through Europe, that is the highest concentration of people that have ever been touched by totality"
-Aram Kaprielien (international president at TravelQuest)

-Remember to use proper eye wear when viewing eclipse! Improper methods can result in BURNS or BLINDNESS! Wait till totality to take off glasses!

Be Adventurous. Be Safe. B.Out