Starting a fire using a water bottle.

Did you know you can start a fire using nothing but a water bottle, paper, and the sun?  

The bottle needs to be filled with water without air bubbles. By turning the bottle upside down and using the rounded convex part at the top, the water bottle can be used as a makeshift magnifying lens.

It is almost impossible to do this on a plain white piece of paper. Try something with dark print or spread dirt on it. 

Try to focus the ray of light as precise as you can.  

Have great tinder and kindling close so that when your paper ignites you can nurture it to a full blown fire.

Also remember you may need to be patient and use steady hands as it might not be as easy as it may seem, especially given environment and weather factors. One of the tricks to this is getting the coal to stay. By that, you should keep the smoke going until it lights, then feed the coal onto the tinder bundle as you enclose the coal with the bundle. Breath gently on it at first as you slowly build up to more powerful breaths. The tinder should fully ignite if it is done correctly. 

Try this trick next time you're camping and find yourself with some free time. Your friends and family will surely be entertained and impressed. 

Wherever you go...whoever you're with...B.Out