So...your family thinks you are THAT guy:  "The Prepper."

Ways to win over your loved ones and help prepping not seem so weird.

The first step to happiness in life is be true to yourself.      If you believe you should be preparing and you are not, you will not have peace. There will always be a feeling inside that you aren't prepared. 

Dealing with family members who don't understand preparedness can be difficult, but it's also a time that can be used to teach and possibly change the way they view your lifestyle.  That being said, the most important thing you must do when talking to someone about this passionate subject is to monitor your energy.  

Do be positive.  

Do be understanding. 

Do show love.  

Do show urgency.  

Do be a team.

Do NOT belittle.  

Do NOT name call.  

Do NOT shout.   

We just recently experienced Hurricane Irma in the Southeast, one of the strongest storms of my lifetime.  Although I personally was not affected, witnessing the public's reaction to an impending storm allows one to understand just how fragile is our social structure.  From fistfights at the gas pump due to fuel shortage to pure obliviousness that a deadly storm is looming, each extreme ends in chaos.

The majority of Americans think that insurance, government/FEMA or charitable organizations will get them through a disaster. Preppers take matters into their own hands, because we don't want to leave our fates and our loved one's lives in the hands of others. No thank you. New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina, is a perfect example of how that can turn out.

If the person you are trying to have a conversation with has ever experienced a hurricane or other storm, that is a great way to begin (See prepping for a HURRICANE here). By being prepped for a hurricane, you are already prepped for many different scenarios.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a natural disaster.  For those who don't see the value in prepping for a hurricane or flooding (maybe due to geographical location), consider how easily one could be stranded on the roadway during commutes or long distance travel.  

Surely your loved ones can find value in an emergency car bag. Even the most reliable vehicles can be stranded due to collapsed bridges, massive city exodus, inclement whether, flooding, or any number of events that have been known to gridlock traffic.  What items are valuable in those instances? Talking through the list can be surprisingly fun for a first timer. Give it a try with a positive attitude, and you may be surprised by the results.

Being prepared can be as simple as learning to live on less than you earn.   When you put it like that, prepping doesn't sound so crazy at all, which makes this another good introduction/bullet point when having a first-time conversation with someone. Who wants to be dependent living paycheck to paycheck just a single disaster away from ruin?  Is prepping any different than investing in a 401k?  Being prepared is simply becoming less dependent.  Less dependent on your employer, less dependent on insurance, less dependent on disaster relief, local police, grocery stores, hospitals, fuel, etc. Less dependent on resources of which we personally have no control.  

Learn to live on less.  When you live on less, you give yourself a raise.  So, do not forcefully shove prepping down your love one's throats.  Be educational.  

It's important to come face to face with whatever fears that the person may be facing.  This could be the first time this individual ever thought about the world in these terms and it could be frightening to realize which is why may have to be gentle. Don't use scare tactics. Make a little kit for them to carry that of a few items they will see value in carrying. Once they realize that love is behind the kit, it can go a long way and eliminate the defensiveness of their disposition. Often times knowing that all the preparation, all the gear, all the work is to keep your family/kids safe really changes the perspective.  Let them know that you want to protect them, but you may not always be present and that is why they need to know how to protect themselves.  It can't be presented or viewed as a selfish act, because it is the opposite.  It's a self-less act. Make it fun like a date.  

Explain to them about "Bug Out Bags" and "Bug In Bags."  Teach them how gathering together a bag of basic items will alleviate so much stress of an uncertain situation.  People are amazed at how preparing can actually ease anxiety.    

It's daunting to think about living off the grid so keep the first conversations basic in nature and grow from there.  Economic collapse probably is not the situation to explain to someone who is new to prepping (but if the power grid ever went down for an extended time, the economy would be in peril).  That situation is too overwhelming for a beginning prepper who has barely been camping, so know your audience and talk to them accordingly.

To me preparedness is freedom. 

You just have to do it regardless of who has anything to say about it. Once you are committed, you don't have to go farther than watching the news to point out a variety of circumstances where being prepared is beneficial.  

Start with the everyday preparedness scenarios: 

  • stranded in your car, 
  • short power outages, 
  • flooding, 
  • hurricanes, 
  • robberies, and
  • layoff from work.  

Once your loved one realizes the real possibility of these scenarios, then you can slowly introduce the other disasters such as EMP's, government collapse, financial collapse, etc.  In the end, if they love you they will be open to your interests and concerns.  And even if they don't right away, eventually something WILL HAPPEN where your preparedness will be a factor.  And you will be the first person they run to!  Just like Antione Specks Monroe said. "This is quality of life INSURANCE!" Good luck!

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Jay MasterFitness Gee is an author, personal trainer, and survivalist.  To stay up to date on his latest Fitness/Survival info visit here.

Live life, Love life,