Meet Jerek

My name is Jerek Richard. I am a 35 year old man with a beautiful wife and an incredible 3 year old son. 


I enjoy being outdoors and in the wild for numerous reasons. I know that long ago, there were no houses per say, so that drives me to tap into a part of human nature that is rarely enjoyed.  I also truly love the challenges that are presented in everyday life so it's only natural that I would enjoy those more difficult tasks of being in the wild.  


     There has always been something about sitting around a fire at night or waking up to the sound of only the birds, insects, and a creeks and rivers around. The sounds of nature have always been calming and refreshing to me and have always provided rejuvenation in my spirit and mindset. The mix of nature functioning all around me and the challenges that are forced on me to be and stay in the center of it is what makes my adventures so incredible. As I spend more and more time outside of my house and outside of my worldly connections, I find that there is a blend of both worlds that have to shared so my life can remain in a stable position.