AIR.  Without the ability to breathe AIR for 3 minutes, you die or become severely debilitated.  After being proficient in CPR, this small kit should be the next step, the instant solution for your most immediate protection, in preparing for emergencies.

What’s in the waterproof bag?

  •        B.Out Self Defense Glass Breaker
  •        Mace/Self Defense spray
  •        N95 Mask (04/13/2020=Out of Stock)
  •        B.Out Compact Flashlight

And how can that realistically help you protect yourself?  What can prevent you from breathing for 3 minutes ... in under 3 minutes? 

PERSONAL ATTACK:  An assault can lead to your death.  A bludgeoning, a stabbing, a choking, a gunshot from a mugger or from an active shooter can all prevent you from breathing and end your life.  For this reason a SELF-DEFENSE WEAPON is included in the B.Out  3-Minute Survival Bag.  You need to be ready with at least a basic instrument to defend yourself.  And in many instances a basic instrument can be more beneficial to you than a firearm. You can fight with B.Out's Self Defense Glass Breaker

Another tool that can be used to defend yourself against either a personal assault or an animal attack is MACE/Self Defense Spray.  The type that is in the B.Out 3-Minute Survival Bag is a 3-in-1 spray that contains CS tear gas, Red Pepper Spray, and a UV dye.  The added benefit of the UV dye can be helpful for law enforcement when it comes to identifying the attacker. 

SUFFOCATION/SMOTHERING:  As seen in the recent Mexico City earthquake, DEBRIS can be overwhelming.  A collapsed building, bridge, or other structure can make the air unbreathable in a matter of seconds.  To prevent suffocation and smothering due to airborne particles, an N95 mask is included in your 3-Minute Survival Bag. The N95 mask can also be used in a fire where the main killer is smoke inhalation, i.e., wildfires.  Additionally, it can be protection from airborne disease.  When you need one, no one will be handing them out. You will need your own.  And you will need it on your person.  Each child needs one in their backpacks and bedside tables.  

FALLING/HEAD TRAUMA:  One treacherous step in the dark can lead to your demise.  If an emergency arises in the dark, you will need a flashlight to assist in evacuation and is included in your 3-Minute Survival Bag. The B.Out Flashlight is compact and easy to carry.

PHYSICAL CHALLENGE:  Swimming can save us from drowning.  Decent balance can prevent us from falling.  Either you have trained skills for physical challenge and are ready, or you haven’t and need to start.

This 3-minute kit comes in a waterproof bag that is designed to keep your cell phone dry and protected with triple fold and seal technology, because after you survive your 3-minute emergency, you will either want to call somebody and tell them you're okay, or call 9-1-1 and either way you will want your phone dry and operable.

Like it or not, you need to be as prepared as you can for an foreseen, EMERGENCY event to occur at any moment. Having these 3-minute items with you increases your readiness.  Combined with general awareness, physical fitness, and staying brushed up on basic hand to hand combat skills, you can live to see another day.


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